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Pup Play, Kink, and Drag Events in SoCal

Take a Walk on Your Pup Side

Socializing, celebrating, and growing the SoCal Pup Community since 2018.
Promoting Animal Role-Play, Pup Spirit, and Pupping-Out as part of a healthy kink, social, and personal lifestyle.

Barking Billiards SoCal's Weekly Pup Play Social
Bark Nite | SoCal's Monthly Pup Play Party & Show
Barking Billiards SoCal's Weekly Pup Play Social
Bark Nite | SoCal's Monthly Pup Play Party & Show
Bark Nite Pup Play & Kink Dance Party

Every Last Friday 8 pm till 2 am at Executive Suite Nightclub in Long Beach, CA. [21+]

Party and Show that celebrates the pup, drag, and kink communities. Dance through the night on the dance floor, flirt with go-go pups, sing your tail off with free karaoke, play in the mosh, win cool raffles, browse local gear vendors, and more in a multi level venue. Catch the Bark Nite Show with performances that feature pup play, kink, and drag!

Bark Nite | SoCal's Monthly Pup Play Party & Show

Dance, Sing, and Mosh the Nite Away

Party Features

  • Live Show

  • Dance Floor

  • Go-Go Pups

  • Free Karaoke

  • Pup/Pet Mosh

  • Raffles

  • Billiards

  • Mexican Food

  • Pop-Up Shops

  • Photo Ops

Come, Stay, Party!

Bark across 2 floors filled pups, handlers, and kinksters. Browse Pop-Up Shops by Pup-involved business and crafters. Test your luck to win fun raffles and leave with a prize or gear.

Catch the Show!

Performances and acts showcasing pup play, kink, and drag from the SoCal Community and abroad.

Follow the Nite:

Barking Billiards SoCal's Weekly Pup Play Social

Pup Play Social

Every Thursday from 8 pm till Late at Eagle 562 in Long Beach, CA. [21+]

SoCal's Weekly Pup Social for pup play, handlers, and kink.

Romp in the mosh, enjoy free billiards all night, competitions, theme nights, and more in a fun, social, and fetish-friendly atmosphere.

Pup Social for pups, handlers, and kinksters with relaxed and PUP-beat atmosphere. Enjoy free billiards and play in the mosh and iconic human-sized dog house. With Theme Nights, Special Events like Howl-O-Ween, and other pup & kink-friendly fun. Whether you're a local or visiting, come see what the bark's all about!

Sink Balls and Chase 'em

Upbeat Social Pup Event with Free Billiards all night, large patio, and mosh play area.

Come Play!

Take a walk on your pup side and come play in the mosh and iconic dog house with other pups and kinksters.

Your Barking Spot

Fun, safe, and welcoming space for all pups, handlers, and allies to socialize and meet like-minded people (and/or dog-people).

Come Bark with Us!

Pup Play & Kink Events in SoCal

What is Pup Play?

Dog House Rules

Pup Play Is What You Make It.

Let's make it great, paw-to-paw!
Participants should follow these guidelines to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time together!

Mosh Play Area

Romp, Play, and Socialize… Safely!

By entering the mosh you consent to these rules. Including physical contact with others.

  • Please keep the following out of the area: Glass/sharp/spiked objects, Hard-soled or hard-toed shoes or boots, Smoking, Liquids, Jewelry or Gear that can get tangled, snagged or cause injury.

  • Give clear signs of intent. NO means NO. Aggressive play is not allowed.

  • Be aware of allergies, including latex!

  • If injured while playing: STOP, Seek first-aid, get cleaned up and bandaged before returning to the mosh.

  • Take Breaks and Hydrate! If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated! If you’re dizzy or tired, stop and rest.

Being in Headspace is No Excuse to Not Follow The Rules.

Barking Values

Be friendly, patient, and welcoming.
Be considerate. Be respectful.

Please refrain from:

  • Violent threats or language.

  • Kink/Slut-Shaming.

  • Discriminatory jokes and language.

  • Posting (or threatening to post) personally-identifying information.

  • Inflammatory language or Personal insults.

  • Unwelcome sexual attention.

  • Repeated harassment of others. Stop means Stop.

  • Excessive chat posts unrelated to pup, events, or community.

  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above.

Be Nice, Have Fun!

Bark Beats